SRS 5928 Syllabus: Fall 2013

Instructor:           Dr. Adele Reinhartz

Office:                 DMS 10118

Office Hours:       By appointment


Location:                                                  DMS 9143

Day/Time:                                                Mondays, 11:30-2:30 except as noted



This course will provide a framework within which Masters and PhD students can complete either a) the thesis proposal and colloquium, b) the Research Ethics Board application, and/or c) one or more chapters of the thesis.  These goals will be determined by each student in consultation with her or his supervisor and Prof. Reinhartz.


1.     Understand how to formulate a research topic and question, and situate in the larger intellectual framework of the field

2.     Learn best practices for research, creating and maintaining bibliographic data, and persuasive academic writing

3.     Provide and receive peer feedback

4.     Complete a major academic task that contributes directly to the fulfillment of Masters or Doctoral program requirements

5.     Present a successful colloquium

Main Text: Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams. The Craft of Research. 3rd ed, Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008.   [available on-line through U of O on-line library catalogue]